by Francis J. Mott

annotated by R. D. Laing

(Monograph previously privately published by Integration Press, 1961;
this new edition edited by Melanie Reinhart)

This sequel and companion volume to The Nature of the Self,

is published by Starwalker Press (May 2012).
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'Mythology of the Prenatal Life' includes previously unpublished material by
R. D. Laing, with whom Francis Mott was in communication in the last years of
his life. Laing's annotations on the manucript are re-printed in facsimile format
by kind permission of the Estate of R. D. Laing, and made available through

the University of Glasgow Library, Special Collections.


Readers of 'Mythology of the Prenatal Life' will not only be inspired by the

network of associations which Mott weaves, through diverse mythologies,
but will also have a unique opportunity to follow the thought processes
of R.D. Laing as he engaged with the material.


ISBN 978-0-9558231-8-3 paperback

242 pages, annotated with facsimile handwriting

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Sample pages

i) Introduction, Contents and text

ii) R.D. Laing insertions

Mythology of the Prenatal Life expands in fascinating and scholarly detail the numerous brief references to well-known mythological themes which are mentioned in The Nature of the Self. In this previous book, Mott concentrated on his exposition of how the fundamental dynamics which can be seen to underlie the structure of creation are reflected in the mysterious and powerful processes which occur during prenatal development. He took the reader beyond biology into considerations far deeper, encompassing a broad and inspiring view of a holographic universe in which many different realm of creation can be seen to co-reflect one another through a core of shared patterns.

Here, in Mythology of the Prenatal Life, Francis Mott fully engages his understanding of symbolism. There are numerous page references in brackets which refer the reader to specific passages of The Nature of the Self. The reader will be thrilled by Mott's genius for drawing parallels, making analogies, and understanding familiar motifs in a new way. Although a deeper understanding of the material can be gained by reading The Nature of the Self either beforehand, or alongside this material, Mythology of the Prenatal Life includes Mott's essay Jacob's Ladder which gives a summary of his ideas as described in The Nature of the Self.

The implications of this material are far-reaching, and will speak directly to anyone who has engaged deeply with their own inner process, through whatever means, as well as people with an interest in the prenatal world. The first nine months of our lives are shrouded in mystery, and some of this is revealed through the work of Francis J. Mott.